Jimmy joined the G.C. team in 2015 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Jimmy is particularly interested in Extreme Cowboy Racing and cattle events and reining, however he has also competed in English disciplines so is a true all rounder. 

Jimmy is also passionate about good horsemanship and enjoys teaching people as well as horses, in particular he really enjoys teaching kids about good horsemanship and helping them to be better riders.

Together Jimmy and Georgia have been steadily growing the business offering many more clinics and helping a large number of clients with their horses. 

Jimmy grew up in Canada but moved to Australia where he met Georgia, and at the end of 2015 Jimmy and Georgia moved to Canada together where they continued training horses and teaching people, then returning to Australia mid 2017. Since returning to Australia they have continued to grow the business as well as growing their family- with Piper born September 16th 2017! 

Jimmy is looking forward to developing his personal horses further and competing with them in EXCA races, trail riding and eventually playing around on cattle with them as well. 

As of 2021 Jimmy has been working a job outside of the business so is not currently training horses professionally, however he is still finding some time to ride his own horses and compete when he can around his busy work hours. 

Georgia Kolovos (previously Georgia Bates) is the founder of G.C. Natural Horsemanship, starting the business as a hobby in 2010. 
Georgia has steadily grown the business since discovering Brumbies and the business soon developed into a full time lifestyle! Georgia has been saddle starting and training horses for clients as well as working with the Brumbies since 2010. 
Previously Georgia competed regularly in Showjumping, dressage and eventing, often riding green and young horses for others. 

Georgia's passion is wild horses, she competed in the Australian Brumby Challenge in 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria and the Extreme Mustang Makeover 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. She also competed in the 2018 Australian Brumby Challenge. Georgia is the only trainer in Australia to have competed in both of these wild horse training competitions! 

Georgia also represented Australia competing in "The Way Of The Horse" colt starting competition at Equitana 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. Georgia placed 3rd overall out of 4 trainers and took home the buckle for Champion Team of Australia versus NZ!

Georgia then went on to compete in the "Trainer's Challenge' colt start, at The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival in 2022, placing 2nd out of 3 trainers, training a very sticky footed mare in very wet and muddy conditions!

She is also passionate about teaching good horsemanship and this has seen her become a sought after clinician, who has presented at Equitana 2013, 2014 and 2022 . Georgia teaches many clinics each year covering general horsemaship, obstacle training, liberty and trick training and trail riding training. 

As well as training at home Georgia attends clinics with her mentors and other trainers to continue to learn and develop her horsemanship skills. Georgia also competes in Extreme Cowboy Racing and loves this exciting sport as it is a great way to develop a partnership with your horse. 

Jimmy Kolovos

Georgia Kolovos