Zaehl Boyd, participant in the 2017 Liberty & Trick training program with her young gelding Torak: 

 "Thank you for this wonderful clinic opportunity!" Torak and Zaehl achieved lay down, Spanish Walk, Bow, Liberty work, touching and picking up items and playing soccer with the giant horse ball! 

"Georgia has helped me through step by step with my mare I purchased unhandled through the sales in 2014. I was very overwhelmed and my confidence had taken a beating when I called Georgia, she has worked with me since then and I am really pleased with the progress we have made. I now have a relaxed safe horse that I can ride bitless, and my own riding has greatly improved under Georgia's instruction. She is a kind, horsewoman who's methods are truly amazing."

     -Nat Dorain. 

"Georgia helped bring my horse Bally back into work, and helped retrain her to saddle after some pretty rough handed people had ridden her for some 10 years or so. The result was a horse that would brace and be potentially explosive, turn into a horse that was light in the hands and finding her confidence and trust in how humans can be... The way Georgia is with horses comes from a lot of hard work self educating and learning from mentors, but also having a tremendous amount of 'NATURAL SAVVY' that only true 'horsemen and horsewomen' have. I've never seen my bossy red headed quarter horse hand herself over to someone like she did Georgia. I was grateful and impressed all in one." 

       -Andrea Gibbins 

"My daughter has recently been to 2 clinics with Georgia and jimmy and had a absolute ball of a time establishing and re establishing methods and tasks with different ponies. They are both calm and very knowledgeable and great with both adults and kids alike.

Currently we have a breaker with them also who is coming along as well as we could possibly hope for not pushing her to far out of her comfort zone and establishing great habits for my daughter to be able to continue with before we know it. Great methods, wide array of knowledge, and genuinely nice people trust them with my horses any day." 

     -​Kristy Fisher

"We were so lucky to meet Georgia at one of her two day clinics in August 2014. She then helped break our horses to saddle and had and extremely understanding ear and approach. Thank you for continuing lessons to help Abbi and our horses grow in confidence."
     -Lyssie and Abbi Haley. 

Testimonials from just some of our happy clients! 

Cherry Smith, participant in the 2017 Liberty & Trick training program with her unbroken Brumby Bahloo: 

"Thanks Georgia and Jimmy, for this opportunity to attend you 7 month Liberty and Trick training clinic. We started with a horse that was very raw only walking on a lead. Your patients and explanation has been very valuable, we have both learnt so much." 

"I've been to 3 GC Natural Horsemanship clinics now and I have learnt so much about working with my horse. Georgia and Jimmy make the clinics fun and you get to use lots of fun equipment. I have learnt lots of new skills to help me be a better rider. Georgia and Jimmy say things in a way that's easy to understand."

     -Layla Watson (age 12)

"I love going to Georgia and Jimmy's clinics. If I'm having trouble with my horse they give me advice and show me how to fix the problem. It's nice for me to have Jimmy to show me how to ride as I don't have any other boys to ride with."

     -Aubery Watson (age 11)"

Testimonials & pictures from Liberty & Trick Training Program, 2017

"Georgia and Jimmy helped me realise small changes I can make in my horse handling and riding for big gains. They helped me build trust with my horse both through lessons on her and lessons with their own horses. I look forward to learning more from them in the future."

     -​Jess Kennedy

"I always wanted to learn how to ride a horse and Georgia made this possible every week giving me riding lessons and teaching me how to care for a horse and to push through my fears and relax into it. She then introduced me to my beautiful Bacci!! Thank you so much Georgia!! I never could have seen myself so happy in life if it wasn't for you teaching me what I know now, thank you so much!!!" 

    -Jacqueline Rivett

Testimonials from Warrnambool clinics