Georgia competing in 'The Way Of The Horse' at Equitana 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. 

G.C. Natural Horsemanship trains horses with respect, patience, and understanding. We start horses under saddle as well as offering further training and problem solving, in both English and Western disciplines, from our property in Meredith in South Western Victoria. We offer private lessons with your own horses, horsemanship clinics,  teach liberty and trick training, work with wild horses, and more! We have an extensive obstacle course which we use for all horses in training, clinics and come and try days. We are also lucky to adjoin the Bamganie State Forest, providing lots of great trail riding!

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Latest News:

  • Waiting list for training: As of September 2021 our waiting list to send horses for training is approximately 12 months!
    We do however hope to get through the list a little quicker than this over summer with better weather.

  • We now have a form to fill out to be added to the waiting list, please see services page on the website to download the form to complete and email back to us. Thanks! 

  • ​EQUITANA has been postponed again due to Covid restrictions, it is now set for November 2022. We will be presenting some education sessions on Obstacle training for partnership and competition, as well as competing in the ConneXion Challenge and the Liberty Championships! We know it will be a great event even if it is 2 years later than originally planned! 

  • Extreme Cowboy Racing competition- we have been really enjoying competing our personal horses in the exciting new sport of EXCA in Australia. If you want to get involved in this fun sport of obstacles and technical skills then our obstacle course is a great way to get started and learn some skills and practice different obstacles. Book into a clinic or private lesson when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, and we can help you get started on obstacles, or refine and improve your skills in the arena for the elements of EXCA races such as roll backs, roping, lead changes etc. 

  • CLINICS- The remainder of 2021- we hope that things will return to ''normal'' soon so that we can get back to running clinics and lessons, competitions and trail ride days etc. As soon as we can run clinics again we will be organising dates for our own clinics as well as for clinics with Steve Burke, who travels here from Perth as often as we can get him! If you haven't met Steve yet and don't know how great his clinics are then you best get your name on our list for the next lot of clinics! Steve has been Georgia's mentor and friend for over 12 years and has improved our horsemanship program and knowledge significantly in the past 2 years with his excellent approach to horsemanship which combines the horsemanship principles of Tom and Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt, with the teachings of the Classical Dressage Masters. 

  • EQUITANA 2019 Auckland, NZ- Georgia competed in "The Way Of The Horse" colt starting competition, representing Team Australia versus Team New Zealand. Georgia worked with an untouched 3 year old Holstiener Warmblood mare, who she was riding on the 4th and final day of the competition. Georgia placed 3rd overall out of 4 trainers, and took home a buckle for Champion Team with her team mate and fellow Aussie Donal Hancock. The whole event was a wonderful experience and provided great learning opportunities. We look forward to taking part in more colt starting events in the future.