Chex Out My Genes (aka Arizona)

Kassidy is a young paint mare who is still in the early stages of her ridden education. Kassidy is Jimmy's second horse and we hope that she may have a talent for cattle work, as well as other events like Mountain Trail. Kassidy is the baby of our personal horses, being the youngest and greenest, but we are really excited about her future as a riding horse. 

Jack is a Quarter Horse cross Morgan. Jack is a very talented gelding who can do just about anything from cattle work to jumping! He is lots of fun to ride and is great for teaching people what it feels like to ride a soft and responsive horse! Jack is Jimmy's number one horse who he knows he can get on and do a job on or simply have fun with. We are very grateful to Jack's previous owner for allowing us to buy him.

VBA Smokey

Meet the G.C. Horses! 

Morning Breeze (aka Kassidy)

Arizona is a registered Quarter Horse mare. She is only young but has had an excellent start and professional reining training before coming to us. Arizona is a lovely mare to deal with and is Georgia's second horse, who she hopes to get into some western competitions with along side Smokey. Arizona and Jack are training to be a roman riding pair given they match so well in height and looks! They are taking to this new training very well and we are all learning together. 

Mountain Creek Bogong Jack

Smokey was passively trapped as a rising 2 year old in the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW. He is a stunning blue roan, so changes colour every few weeks! He is now 8 years old and is progressing well under saddle, as well as continuing his liberty and trick training, which he is very enthusiastic about! Smokey attended Equitana Sydney in 2013 and did a great job showing the public what Brumbies are all about! He has also competed in led and ridden Brumby classes at Geelong Royal Show for the past few years where people always comment on his unique colour, and are surprised that he is a Brumby. He has also started on cattle and loves it! Smokey is 'Mr Reliable' and even after 2 years out of work while Georgia was overseas and then pregnant he was perfectly behaved for his first ride back! 

We have four great personal horses who all offer different qualities and training opportunities. 
Smokey has been with us for over 5 years now. Georgia has always had a soft spot for Brumbies, so it should come as no surprise that he is one! He's currently our best liberty and trick horse, as well as being beginner safe and a great lesson horse when needed.
Jack and Arizona are our buckskin team, and are currently training to be a roman riding pair! They're also featured in our banner.
​Kassidy is a young Paint mare, currently being started under saddle. We're hoping she'll have some great potential as a cutting horse, once we get some cows for her to practice on!