VBA Curious George

Jack is a Quarter Horse cross Morgan. Jack is a very talented gelding who can do just about anything from cattle work to jumping! He is lots of fun to ride and is great for teaching people what it feels like to ride a soft and responsive horse! Jack is Jimmy's number one horse who he knows he can get on and do a job on or simply have fun with. We are very grateful to Jack's previous owner for allowing us to buy him. Jack is now 19 and has unfortunately had to be retired from riding due to contracting a mosquito transmitted virus in 2021 which caused him to have severe neurological symptoms. 

Smokey is a Brumby who was passively trapped as a rising 2 year old in the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW. He is a stunning blue roan, so changes colour every few weeks! He is now 13 years old and is great under saddle, as well as continuing his liberty and trick training, which he is very enthusiastic about! Smokey attended Equitana Sydney in 2013 and did a great job showing the public what Brumbies are all about! He has worked cattle, trail rides and competes in Extreme Cowboy Racing as well as performing with Georgia at Liberty and enjoys showing off his tricks! Smokey is 'Mr Reliable' and even after 2 years out of work while Georgia was overseas and then pregnant he was perfectly behaved for his first ride back! He is excellent for beginner riders of all ages. 

VBA Smokey

We have some amazing personal horses who all offer different qualities and training opportunities. 
We currently have 3 horses who are suitable for clients to have lessons one, this includes beginner children and adults, as well as more advanced riders wanting to learn more technical skills, go on a trail ride or work on obstacles. Contact us to discuss further if lessons on our horses are of interest to you. 

Below are some photos and profiles of our three geldings who are available for lessons. 
We have a few other personal horses as well who you can often see photos and videos of on our Facebook page.

Meet the G.C. Horses! 

George is a Brumby gelding who was caught from the wild as a 10 year old stallion, from the Bogong High Plains in Victoria. He was trained by Georgia, and is now 20 years old. George is only 13.3hh so while not tall he is solid and can happily carry adults as well as children. He is an excellent beginners horse and confidence builder for nervous riders as he is slow and steady and will only go as fast as you really make him! George is great in the arena and also loves to go on trail rides and do obstacles. 

Mountain Creek Bogong Jack