G.C. Natural Horsemanship aims to:

Change the perception of Australian Heritage Brumbies (the wild horses of Australia) - 
These wonderful horses deserve a chance at a good life, just the same as all horses do. We are aiming to help bring Brumbies into the mainstream horse world to aid in reducing the number of Brumbies which are sent to the slaughter house each year. Brumbies make fantastic domestic horses when treated with respect and patience, they have proven themselves to be adaptable to any discipline and will be your friend for life.

Educate People-

Training horses involves time, patience and understanding. We want to help people to be able to work with their horses and achieve a successful partnership based on trust, understanding and good horsemanship.

Our Training Methods-

We believe that everything you do with a horse should involve respect, relaxation and understanding so that you can work with your horse to achieve a successful partnership. Our methods take aspects from a range of proven training methods from trainers and programs around the world, with foundation training based on the methods of
Ken Faulkner, Warwick Schiller and Double Dan Horsemanship, as well as trick training with the use of clicker training. The methods that we use are based on the psychology of how a horse thinks and learns, with an emphasis on relaxation and positive reinforcement used successfully in conjunction with negative reinforcement. We aim to create thinking horses who can cope with a vast array of situations in a calm and sensible manner, allowing the rider/handler to be safe and enjoy spending time with their equine partner. We want to set up the horse for success, so that you can achieve things with your horse, not just on your horse!