G.C. Natural Horsemanship trains horses with respect, patience, and understanding. We start horses under saddle as well as offering further training and problem solving, in both English and Western disciplines, from our property in South Western Victoria. We offer private lessons with your own horses, horsemanship clinics,  teach liberty and trick training, work with wild horses, and more! We will soon have a Mountain Trail course open to the public for training, clinics, and Challenges. For more information, check out our philosophy, services, our facebook page, or our upcoming events. If you want to learn more on your own time, we recommend subscribing to Warwick's online videos.

Latest News:

  • We're moving in July, 2018! The new property is just outside Meredith, halfway between Ballarat and Geelong. We will have 180 acres, so we'll have plenty of space for the horses, cattle, and a Mountain Trail course!
  • ​Georgia and working student Damien will be competing in the Australian Brumby Challenge, starting at the end of June. To see their progress, keep an eye on our facebook and youtube.